Dries Van Noten.

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Huge crush of the season.

Grunge married floral. Trashy Rock&Roll met femininity. Silk melts with a collage of  different fabrics. You can definitely expect the unexpected from Dries Van Noten.

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Impasse de la défense- Été 2013

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So today was the beginning of my favorite fashion week. Paris. Oh lala Paris.

I saw the collection grow, the hairstylists tried everything ON me, I tried some dresses, I called the press, I had 100 cups of coffee with the designer and his friends. I was in Karim Bonnet´s atelier everyday for almost 3 weeks. And it was amazing. And this is why I love fashion, because all of that hard work pays off in barely 15 minutes, but man, what an amazing short moment.

It was a secretive and rather low-key start to Paris’ ready-to-wear week with post-punk design house Impasse de la Defense, whose colorful spring-summer 2013 show took place tucked away behind the iconic clock face -la rosace- of the Gare de l’Est train station.Aside from provoking chuckles from fashion insiders, this added a street feel to the eclectic and contemporary mix of vibrant patchwork dresses, outre tulle bridal skirts and large shawls printed with images of clock architecture.

The “soundtrack” — a single harmonica played from the sidelines by Mickey, a man who looked like a busker and Karim´s old friend — provided a nice dash of boho insouciance for the many  casual and loose-fitting splash-dyed mid-length dresses.

Designer Karim Bonnet said he’d channeled German street style after a holiday there last summer — but at times, the clock seemed to turn right back to early seventies flower power.He drew inspiration from the contemporary art scene for his spring-summer 2013 collection, in creating “simple fashion” for a woman with a strong identity, and the brains to match.One bare-backed dress was a patchwork of half a dozen bright checks and tartans — like an oddly attractive collage of tablecloths.

The nicest elements were the imaginative prints of cameras and the spines of novels that featured on large shawls , actual photos taken by the designer himself— an Impasse de la Defense signature.


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Mary Katrantzou.

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Definitely my favorite at London Fashion week and one of my latest favorite designers. This season she presented something new in the form of geometric prints taken from bank notes and postage stamps. 

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Louise Gray.

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My personal favorite (or one of them)at New York Fashion week Spring 2013. Bright colors, fun prints, perfect shapes,80´s inspired accessories with enormous geometrical shapes and Little Prince makeup.


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Yes, it´s Anna Dello Russo, whatever. I do have respect for the woman. But…

WHAT THE FUCK is this?

She´s trying to be sexy, right? SHE FAILED.She´s trying to look stylish? SHE FAILED.

The whole idea about H&M is being a refreshing cool brand, young but yet wearable by all ages , modern without any excess and in the end,  simple items, never too over designed. In this case , the video is a veritable celebration of excess.

It seriously  looks like a promotional video for the new season of Jersey Shore.

Something mystic in that soul connection.

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This song and video make the world a better place. It´s just one of those songs that makes me so happy and excited about music. I would love to be the tuba dude´s best friend. I would love to hang with the whole band because they just look so COOL and happy with life.




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Music that I love. Music that is perfection in every beat.


Alexander McQueen Acid trip.

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The brand has unveiled the campaign film for AW12 and it’s epic .

I´m tempted to use multiple exclamation marks and/or wingdings. Aside from the devastatingly lush and futuristic garments, the video is full of that throwback 80’s aesthetic that perfectly sums up the internet generation’s Zeigeist.

The effect dances between old school , extra-terrestrial and mushrooms and well..I think it´s awesome.


Natalia Swarz.

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 She´s colombian.

She ´s 19.

She´s brilliant.


Her illustrations are amazing, but what ´s more amazing are her little phrases  in everyone of her creations. They´re exactly where they´re supposed to be. Inspired by her own personal life, she makes us laugh, smile, cry, and get angry.Pretty impressive.

Check her out at http://cargocollective.com/nataliaswarz

“They show you their butt but not how to forget them”

“Until your jealousy do us part”

“They break your hymen and then your heart”

“Let our love wake up the neighbours”

“My closet is full of NOTHING TO WEAR”

“Long distance relationships, my favorite stupidity”

“Bad decisions are great kissers”

Martin Margiela

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Definitely one of my favorite artists -not only designer, but ARTIST-

Belgian designer closely associated with the deconstructionist movement that dominated fashion during the mid-1990s, a look favoring raw edges, abstract shapes and minimal embellishment. In his work he often recycles nonfashion materials (plastic, bottle caps, hangers) into runway designs, or “recreates” vintage store finds to make new pieces that look identical to the old ones.

Named designer par excellence, the fashion ghost ( he never appeared in public as Martin Margiela) , never disappoints and brought to us unique pieces for the  autum/winter artisanal collection 2012-2013.

Artisanal collection Spring/summer 2012

Artisanal collection spring/summer 2012

Artisanal collection spring/summer 2007

Autumn/winter 2011 runway collection

Sprin/summer collection runway 2012

Spring/summer 2008 runway collection

 Spring/summer 2007 runway collection

Spring/summer 2006 runway collection