Martin Margiela

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Definitely one of my favorite artists -not only designer, but ARTIST-

Belgian designer closely associated with the deconstructionist movement that dominated fashion during the mid-1990s, a look favoring raw edges, abstract shapes and minimal embellishment. In his work he often recycles nonfashion materials (plastic, bottle caps, hangers) into runway designs, or “recreates” vintage store finds to make new pieces that look identical to the old ones.

Named designer par excellence, the fashion ghost ( he never appeared in public as Martin Margiela) , never disappoints and brought to us unique pieces for the  autum/winter artisanal collection 2012-2013.

Artisanal collection Spring/summer 2012

Artisanal collection spring/summer 2012

Artisanal collection spring/summer 2007

Autumn/winter 2011 runway collection

Sprin/summer collection runway 2012

Spring/summer 2008 runway collection

 Spring/summer 2007 runway collection

Spring/summer 2006 runway collection

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