Impasse de la défense- Été 2013

September 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

So today was the beginning of my favorite fashion week. Paris. Oh lala Paris.

I saw the collection grow, the hairstylists tried everything ON me, I tried some dresses, I called the press, I had 100 cups of coffee with the designer and his friends. I was in Karim Bonnet´s atelier everyday for almost 3 weeks. And it was amazing. And this is why I love fashion, because all of that hard work pays off in barely 15 minutes, but man, what an amazing short moment.

It was a secretive and rather low-key start to Paris’ ready-to-wear week with post-punk design house Impasse de la Defense, whose colorful spring-summer 2013 show took place tucked away behind the iconic clock face -la rosace- of the Gare de l’Est train station.Aside from provoking chuckles from fashion insiders, this added a street feel to the eclectic and contemporary mix of vibrant patchwork dresses, outre tulle bridal skirts and large shawls printed with images of clock architecture.

The “soundtrack” — a single harmonica played from the sidelines by Mickey, a man who looked like a busker and Karim´s old friend — provided a nice dash of boho insouciance for the many  casual and loose-fitting splash-dyed mid-length dresses.

Designer Karim Bonnet said he’d channeled German street style after a holiday there last summer — but at times, the clock seemed to turn right back to early seventies flower power.He drew inspiration from the contemporary art scene for his spring-summer 2013 collection, in creating “simple fashion” for a woman with a strong identity, and the brains to match.One bare-backed dress was a patchwork of half a dozen bright checks and tartans — like an oddly attractive collage of tablecloths.

The nicest elements were the imaginative prints of cameras and the spines of novels that featured on large shawls , actual photos taken by the designer himself— an Impasse de la Defense signature.


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