Something mystic in that soul connection.

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

This song and video make the world a better place. It´s just one of those songs that makes me so happy and excited about music. I would love to be the tuba dude´s best friend. I would love to hang with the whole band because they just look so COOL and happy with life.




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Music that I love. Music that is perfection in every beat.



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And you will go to Mykonos

With a vision of a gentle coast

And a sun to maybe dissipate

Shadows of the mess you made



Mr Jailer. Stop calling me a prisoner

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New discovery. I´m in love with her album.

Emms <3

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Just listen.


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I love it when people surprise me with amazing  music.

Bittersweet Symphony

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The kind of song that I never get tired of . Ever.

And this live version is sensationally breathtaking.


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Elizabeth Grant. Lana del rey. Whatever her name is, her voice is the best thing that 2011 gave us.

She´s a new yorker, she´s a babe, she´s just brilliant. And so is her video

Born to die.

Who in the world can ask me to resist.

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November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this weekend I went to Paris to live one of the best experiences of my life :  James Blake LIVE ( along with Laura Marling and Cults who were exceptional as well).

He comes to Barcelona in december, and hell yeah I´m paying to see him again.


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